NaturaMoonSanitary Box

Uses storage of used sanitary supplies, etc.
Material paper (blended with bamboo charcoal)


★Assembles into finished shape, so won’t take up space
Since it assembles into shape, you can buy several to stock up and not worry about it filling up storage space -- plus, it is highly portable. A great item for use in the home, at work, or at a friend’s or loved one’s home, or for guests. This would also be a good item to have on hand for emergency preparedness. The body lists numbers that let you know in which order to fold it into shape -- easy for anyone.
★Keep your restroom hygienic
You can just assemble it into shape during your period and then keep it in the restroom -- no need to install into place. The simple and natural Scandinavian look will blend in with any restroom.
★Odors won’t leak out
A special bamboo charcoal paper is used for deodorizing.
★Contents are opaque
A special bamboo charcoal paper is used for deodorizing.
★Can be disposed of as-is
Once full, it can be disposed of as-is. Now you don’t need to worry about getting your hands dirty.
★Can be used anywhere
The compact size fits anywhere, making it great for use in the kitchen, around the restroom sink, or garbage can.