NaturaMoonColored Lip Balm


★100% naturally-derived ingredients
All ingredients are naturally-derived. Free of irritating agents like synthetic colorants (tar pigments), synthetic fragrances, petroleum-derived mineral oils, preservatives, et cetera. Skin patch tested
★Use two ways: as a colored lip balm or as cheek makeup
Although a lip cream, you can apply multiple layers to use it like a lipstick and get a deeper color. While it is more glossy than lipstick, it is not as thick as lip balm, with a texture that goes on smooth. This can also be applied on the cheeks as a cream formulation.
★Contains a blend of six beauty agents to care for the lips
A luxurious blend of six natural beauty agents: olive fruit oil, ceramide, lavender flower extract, jojoba seed, horse oil, and hydrolyzed silk. Now you can apply makeup while caring for your body at the same time.
★No need for cleansing! Comes off with soap alone
Since it uses no silicone or synthetic polymers, you can easily remove this makeup just using a facial cleanser or soap. No need to worry about drying out from washing.