NaturaMoonAroma Sun Protect UV (Sunscreen)


★Gentle on skin
100% naturally-derived ingredients (no UV absorbents used) Features a natural mineral (titanium oxide) to disperse ultraviolet rays. Does not use any ultraviolet absorbent agents that can irritate skin. Preservative-free/alcohol-free/skin patch tested
★No nanoparticles used
Nanoized powder has very fine particles, causing concerns about it being absorbed into the skin or mucous membranes. We opted for a non-nano formulation that is safe even for your baby. Features a blend of natural ingredients like Okinawan organic shell ginger and organic lavender, which treat troubled skin. Restores damaged skin to a healthy state and keeps it smooth.
★Skin care from natural ingredients
Rich in plant ingredients that have excellent skincare benefits and help prevent skin problems and dryness. This outstanding formulation allows you to block UV rays while caring for your skin at the same time.
★Goes on smoothly
When a lotion or product is difficult to blend into the skin, your child will struggle, leaving residue behind. The Mom & Baby UV Milk is water-based, so it goes on smoothly and evenly.
★Great for the whole family
This sensitive formulation is great for everyone from babies to adults with sensitive skin concerns. Having a Sunscreen usable by both parent and child is more cost-effective and convenient. Since you’ll be using it as a family, it will see more frequent use, meaning you can use the whole bottle in a season and not worry about having to store out-of-date Sunscreen for the next year.
★Can be rinsed away with soap
No need for additional cleansing, which can put strain on skin. Can be easily cleaned off with soap.