NaturaMoonDelicate Care Oil Cream


★100% naturally-derived ingredients
Given that this product is used on a delicate part of the body, all ingredients are naturally-derived in order to allow you to use it with peace of mind.
Features no synthetic surfactants, synthetic fragrances, petroleum-derived mineral oils, preservatives, or other irritants.
★Relaxing aroma imparts a feeling of calm
We carefully blended this fragrance in order to make the time you spend on caring for your body that much more pleasant.
Featuring a rich and relaxing fragrance made luxuriously from just the flower petals of the lavender plant, and paired with Western and Eastern mint oils for a refreshing feeling.
This is the perfect aroma for delicate care that imparts both femininity and a feeling of coolness.
★Quick drying
Given that your delicate zone usually remains unseen, you may not realize that it is prone to dryness.
Just a single application of this rich blend of horse oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, and other nourishing oils will keep you moisturized.
The skin is thin and weaker following hair removal, which may cause feelings of dryness or roughness. We highly recommend this as a spot care treatment for those situations.
★No more odor worries
One cause of odors is the propagation of bacteria. Shell ginger (organically sourced from Okinawa Prefecture), which offers antibacterial and bactericidal properties, is blended with essential oils of Western and Eastern mint to treat odor issues.
★Achieve clear skin
The underbust, where underwires come in contact, and the hem of shorts, often cause pigmentation from the colors of an undergarment rubbing against bare skin.
Bisabolol, obtained from the candeia tree in Brazil, has excellent antioxidant properties and imparts clear skin