NaturaMoonHand Cream


★100% naturally-derived ingredients
All ingredients are naturally-derived. Contains no ingredients that would be damaging to the hands. Free of synthetic surfactants, synthetic fragrances, synthetic preservatives, and petroleum-derived mineral oils
★Aroma blended by a master perfumer
We developed the fragrance out of the twin goals of soothing our female patrons with a pleasant aroma and helping them get through their cycle without PMS worries. Research has reported that the aroma of ambrette seed helps balance feminine hormones, so we blended several natural aromatic agents, ambrette seed included.
★Select from two aromas
Offered in a rich feminine aroma and a clean, refreshing scent. Contains a luxurious blend of natural aromatics of the highest quality, sourced from a manufacturer in Grasse, France, considered the epicenter for fragrance production. The result is a deep and complex aroma like a perfume.
★Features anti-aging care
Given that the skin on the hands is often a telltale sign of age, this formulation helps with anti-aging care. Contains a blend of beauty agents like peony root extract, saxifraga sarmentosa extract, and cox lacryma-jobi seed extract, which offer outstanding moisturizing properties.
★Non-sticky texture
Designed to blend seamlessly into the hands for a non-clingy finish. You can apply this and be back to using your smartphone or computer with no difficulties.