NaturaMoonBath Liquid

Ingredients 100% fermented rice extract
Fragrance- and preservative-free
Benefits fatigue recovery, cold extremities, neuralgia, rheumatism, pre- and postpartum cold extremities, bruises, prickly heat, frostbite, hemorrhoids, stiff shoulders, lower back pain, sprains, chapped or cracked skin, acne, dry skin, eczema, rashes


★100% naturally-derived ingredients from Japanese-grown rice
This bath liquid is made solely from Japanese rice, making it safe for the whole family, even baby, to use. This product was developed in collaboration with a traditional sake brewer that dates back to the Edo period.
★Long-lasting hot bath benefits
Fermented rice extract is beneficial in hot baths, warming the body from the inside out. Warming the body to its core ensures that you stay warm for longer after leaving the bath. This promotes body-wide circulation, and is great for the winter months, when we are more prone to cool down quickly after a bath and experience cold extremities.
★Clears away residue and dead skin
Fermented rice extract helps remove impurities and dead skin which can cause dullness and other complications. It works gently to alleviate problem skin and rashes, so even those with sensitive skin can bathe with this to achieve clearer, more natural skin.
★Richly moisturizing
Fermented rice extract is rich in amino acids that are constituent elements of natural moisturizing factor (NMF), which helps keep the skin moisturized. It naturally sloughs off dead skin and enriches it. The more you bathe, the softer and finer your skin becomes.