NaturaMoonShell Ginger Horse Oil Cream


★100% naturally-derived ingredients
Features high-quality Japanese horse oil with other simple ingredients. This sensitive formulation is great for everyone from babies to adults with sensitive skin concerns, and can be used on the whole body. Preservative-free/alcohol-free/skin patch tested
★Blended with skincare ingredients
Features jojoba oil, which moisturizes dry skin and makes it smoother. Organic plant oil blends smoothly into the skin and won’t feel sticky. Features a blend of natural ingredients like Okinawan organic shell ginger and organic lavender, which treat troubled skin. Restores damaged skin to a healthy state and keeps it smooth.
★Goes on smoothly
Horse oil is considered the most similar to human sebum, blending right into the skin. It has a soft and smooth texture; a little goes a long way and can be used throughout the body.