NaturaMoonNail Care Fragrance Oil


★100% naturally-derived ingredients
Made with 100% naturally-derived ingredients that can be used with peace of mind on even the area around the eyes. Free of carbon black, petroleum-derived surfactants, synthetic colorants, silicone, and synthetic preservatives
★A blend of 8 beauty agents lets you care for your eyelashes while applying makeup
A blend of eight beauty agents is used to coat the eyelashes and lend them body and strength. Daily use allows you to care for your eyelashes while applying makeup.
★Lends gloss to your eyelashes
Diamond powder (a lubricant) lends an elegant gloss to your eyelashes.
★Get lovely eyes with natural volume
Each eyelash is coated and thickened, ensuring that your eyes will not look unnatural. Enjoy a sophisticated look and enhance the volume of your eyelashes in a natural way.
★Small brush makes it easy to apply from the follicle
The small and handy brush allows for easy application, letting you coat the eyelashes from the follicle up. Catches and lifts up limp eyelashes from the follicle, enhancing the appearance of your eyes and giving you a fresh look.
★Rinses off with soap
Free of silicone, synthetic polymers, and other chemical compounds, so no specialized cleanser is needed to remove. Won’t harm eyelashes, and can be easily cleaned off with your usual cleanser or soap.