NaturaMoonOrganic Warm Panty Liners

Material liner
Surface cotton
color white
Dedicated heating pack Iron powder, vermiculite, activated carbon, salts


★100% organic cotton
The top sheet, which comes in direct contact with the skin, features 100% organic cotton. Gentle on skin and not prone to causing rashes, this material is comfortable for those with even sensitive skin. (Sheet passes criteria for medical nonwoven material in healthcare applications per our internal standards)
Everyone’s preferences on scent differ. We opted for a fragrance-free product in order to make this item suitable for everyone, from those who dislike scents, to those who do not want aroma to rub off on their handbag, to those who do not want to carry scent with them when they go out of doors.
★No polymer absorbers
While polymer-based absorbers have excellent absorption, they can tend to feel cold after use, so we do not use them.
★Sheets are soft and fluffy
Increasing the pulp used for absorbency to 1.5 times the size of the discharge sheet helps regulate heat and ensure a soft touch.