NaturaMoonSanitary Shorts

Material body fabric: 95% organic cotton, 5% polyurethane


★Premium organic cotton
  1. Features 95% organic cotton produced in the Izmir region of Turkey, facing the Aegean Sea
  2. Adding 5% polyurethane allows for enhancing the elasticity of the product to better fit the body.
★Resilient enough to withstand repeated washings
  1. Common dyeing techniques include yarn-dyeing and post-dyeing (piece-dyeing), but this product uses "top-dyeing."
  2. Generally, top-dyeing involves using different dyes to achieve dark colors, and these can harden the finish of the fabric. To that end, we add a touch of polyurethane to impart greater flexibility and ensure the fabric won’t crack, making it more durable.
★High-waisted -- no need for a stomach warmer
  1. Once cause of abdominal and lower back pain during one’s menstrual cycle is poor circulation caused by chills.
  2. By fully covering the stomach and bottom, these high-waisted shorts keep you warm, eliminating the need for an extra stomach warmer.
★Sewn to be gentle on skin
  1. The tag, which can cause chafing when it rubs against the skin, is sewn on the outside.
  2. The elastic used on the waist and leg openings is covered in a soft fabric to protect the skin.
  3. The seams are sewn flat to ensure they don’t chafe the skin
★Crotch design is tailored to Naturamoon menstrual products
  1. Naturamoon sanitary napkin are wider and thicker than standard products, so this crotch design is tailored to that shape.
  2. Recommended not only for disposable paper napkin, but cloth napkin as well.
  3. It also includes a waterproof cloth to provide greater peace of mind.
  4. Dual structure allows for use with both winged and non-winged napkin.
  5. To ensure that the adhesive tape on the folded wings is easy to peel off, waterproof tulle netting is used on the reverse.