NaturaMoonGall Soap Liquid (laundry stain remover)

Uses cotton/linen/synthetic fabrics
Liquid content weak alkaline


★Digestive enzymes break down impurities
Instead of irritating chlorine-based bleaches, use this natural product and its digestive enzymes to clean clothing. The gentle formulation will not harm fabric.
Ox gall is unusual in Japan, but it is a traditional European technique for removing stains.
★Perfect for Naturamoon apparel products
Also breaks down blood stains, so it can be used to pre-treat Naturamoon sanitary shorts and napkins.
★Cares for a range of stains
Highly effective at removing impurities such as bloodstains, but also oils, fruit, ink, grass, mud, and other stains, from clothing.
★Easy to use tip brush
The tip is shaped like a brush, letting you apply detergent directly to fabric without getting your hands messy.
Perfect for spot treatment of stains found on the collar, sleeves, and elsewhere.