NaturaMoonCloth Sanitary Naplkin

  1. Skin-facing side: organic cotton gauze
  2. Absorber: cotton waffle fabric/cotton flannel
  3. Waterproof surface: waterproof material
  4. Lining: organic cotton gauze
  5. *All fabrics are made in Japan.


★Side facing skin is 100% organic cotton
The top sheet, which comes in contact with the skin, features 100% organic gauze cotton. Provides a soft touch that feels dry and gentle on your delicate zone.
★Integrated formfactor is easy to use, even for the first time
This is an integrated model featuring an absorber and waterproof cloth built into one. Similar in both appearance and use to a disposable sanitary napkin, it is designed to be easy to use for even those new to cloth sanitary napkin.
★All sides feature waterproof cloth
Even if you have a heavy flow, a waterproof cloth covers all surfaces to act as a secondary guard and protect your undergarments from staining.
★Stitched to prevent leaking out the sides
To prevent any menstrual flow from leaking through the fabric, the top sheet is stitched closed to keep fluids out.
★Solid stitching ensures it will hold up even through repeated washings
The absorber and waterproof cloth are firmly sewn to the internal fabric to ensure that it will withstand repeated washes and be hygienic for the long term.