NaturaMoon Sanitary NapkinPanty Liners

Unit 40 pads
Size 15.5cm
Material Cotton for top sheets
Class Quasi-drug
Country of manufacture Korea


★100% cotton non-woven material on top sheets

100% organic non-woven cotton top sheets   Non-woven fabric made only out of organic cotton that obtained ""Certified to OE 100 Standard"" is used in the top sheets that touch women's delicate skin. It prevents rashes and is also gentle on sensitive skin.

★Super-absorbent polymer free
Soft cotton-like pulp with high absorbent is used instead of super-absorbent polymers, which absorb liquid and form it into gel.
★Unbleached,No artificial color, and fragrance-free
★Four-leaf clover embossing
The lucky charm that only those who use the product know. The charm of good fortune is secretly engraved on the top sheet that touches your skin.

User's Voice

  • The touch is soft, so I don't feel like I'm wearing anything. Cloth napkins are also nice, but sometimes it's just troublesome to wash them. But this is disposable, so it's easy! It's especially good when I don't want my shorts to get dirty.

  • Because I don't like my skin feeling uncomfortable, I didn't have a habit of using panty liners, but I'm surprised after I tried. I don't feel like I'm wearing anything, and I've learned the greatness of organic cotton. If you change the type you use according to your physical condition, the cost performance is also nice. I also recommend them to someone like myself who has never used them before. They're truly great. I like the character, Kumako, because she wears outfits like a one-piece dress and a white robe. She's fashionable and cute.

  • It feels so comfortable to use because it feels like wearing fresh underwear all the time. I originally used cloth sanitary napkins, but I like how they're made from organic cotton and they don't cause rashes!

*These voices are based on personal opinions. Experiences and effects may differ among individuals.